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Success through Systems. 5 Steps to a Strategic Plan!

Last fall, my husband and I embarked on a lifestyle change. We had both gained weight (once again) and were fed up with repeating the yo-yo cycle of losing/gaining weight. Knowing how difficult it is stay on track long term, especially during busy times; we needed a strategic plan. The plan required fail-proof strong systems in place to overcome our obstacles and achieve our goal, once and for all.

The process of what we did and how, can be applied to anything you want to achieve in life or business. We had a history of weight loss/gain to learn from; we knew when and how we would slip, so our plan had to mitigate risks; organization was key.

Our story provides a case study on subject matter that many people can relate to. It outlines how to create a strategic plan and illuminates why you need systems in place, if you're serious about success. Discover the 5 steps we took to create our strategic plan, and the systems we used to support our eventual success.

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New Business: Know Want You Want Before You Ask!

There is an art to having good conversations; and when you're in business trying to sell your services, this skill becomes ultra-important. The reason is obvious, time is limited and out of respect for everyone's busy schedules, you need to get it right every time.

For instance, if you are calling someone important for the first time (a cold call) you may not get another chance with them anytime soon if your first impression is not ideal. Furthermore, it's been estimated that it takes 10-30x more energy to fix a mistake than to prevent it in the first place; and for a busy person like you, this would be the worst case scenario that you need to avoid. Do it right,  however, and the rewards can be extremely gratifying.

Doing it right also means that it has to be authentic for you; it has to reflect who you are as a person and what brand of service you are offering to your ideal customer.

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Inspire Motivation: 4 Steps to Get You Back on Track!

One of the challenges of working from a home office is overcoming periods of procrastination or lack of motivation. This challenge often arises upon returning to the office after attending an off-site networking event. Faced without immediate demands for your time by people or departments such as in external office environments, it can be difficult to retrack.

Furthermore, an external office has fewer non-work distractions, and being surrounded by people who are in work mode or rely on you to help them do their job, makes retracking much easier.

This truth led me to consider external office work environment situations when retracking can be also a challenge. For instance, returning to work after a long vacation to face a large, unpleasant or difficult project. Add to that, the tendency to want perfection on any project, invites procrastination, and if not checked, can lead to a debilitating pace.

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