Coaching for real change

You've been repeating similar patterns for a long time. You've tried learning new techniques, but your old habits keep showing up at work and in your personal life. It's time to consider investing in real change. Change that only coaching can offer.

Suitable For

Newly promoted

Recently promoted, you want to build a stellar reputation and be included to the inner circle.

Career transition

You're in career transition and you need the a sound strategy to get the job you want soon.


You've earned your position and you want to build a collaborative team to achieve success.

Rising stars

You're paving your way to the top. You need to learn people skills to gain political support.


I'm Linda Reddin

For over 13 years I've coached over 100 leaders from different industries back to a sense of calm and clear direction. I'll help you see clearly to improve your thinking and outcomes. You'll find your power and become the leader that others will follow!

A Strategic Edge Coaching, Founder

How It Works


Book a discovery call to assess a fit.


If the fit works, choose your package.


Pre-book all your sessions right away.


Do your pre-work prior to 1st session.

It's about who you're being 

The problem with online learning is the lack of immediate feedback and one-on-one support. Coaching helps you remove internal obstacles and opens your mind to higher thinking. Using dialogue, Linda activates the leader within you.

Your life, your choices.

The primary cause of human conflict is when people are unable to feel self-worth. Internal conflict arises when our choices conflict with our values. External conflict relates to our perceived relationship with others. Coaching helps you see more clearly, and make informed choices going forward.

Define what matters the most and why.

When we know who we truly are and what we stand for, we are free to be ourselves.

Decide and be who you need to be.

Your coach can help create new habits to overcome self-defeating actions and behavior.

Mind work

The first step to loosen the ties that bind you is understanding how you think and why. Your self-limiting beliefs no longer serve you. The real you has more power and joy in store than you thought possible.

People skills

Once you know yourself at a much deeper level, you can relate to others more easily. Linda can help you use your personal strengths to win over different types of people and become allies.


The physical and mental body are so interconnected that the health of one affects the other. To help you maintain the new you requires new routines and habits. Lifestyle plays a vital role in being at your best.

Real Success Stories

Linda's strength is creating a calm space to clear the mind and organize thoughts to action. She's helped me navigate significant change in my life.

David M.

Principal, Wealth Management Co

The greatest skill I learned from coaching was to test my thoughts. Once I did that, I was able to control my response and improve my outcomes. 

Melody J.

AGM, Service Co.

Linda taught me so much about communication. I can't believe how much I learned, and how much I've changed. Many people at work have told me they've noticed a huge difference in how I am.

Anne M.

General Manager, Transport Co.

Our problem is, we give up before we get a chance to be the best that we can be!

What would it be like if you could...

  • Speak up for what you need or want when you need to.
  • Be focused and confident in your work or career.
  • Trust yourself to follow through on your commitments.

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You missed out!

Frequently asked questions

About this offer

Where does coaching take place?

Coaching is done over Zoom, or by phone if requested.

I live in a different time zone. What if I can't find a suitable day/time?

In the rare event that you cannot find a day/time that works for you, email support with your request and we'll do our best to find a suitable time.

Can I book the sessions after Dec.21st?

No, the Black Friday Tri-pack is a special for December only. Once completed, clients will be offered another special price to resume in 2023.

What if my coach and I don't get along well together?

If you're unsure, we recommend that you try a free discovery call first to assess a mutual fit. Once confirmed, go ahead and select your package.