Rules of Work - Managers

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Learn the rules of the game before you jump in the leadership race and end up getting trampled. This mini-course offers pragmatic advice navigating the tricky world of politics and culture that you can access online.

It begins with "understanding the rules of the game." You can't play to win unless you first know the rules. 

 We begin with four foundational truths:

  1. Manage Office Politics like a Chess Player. Develop a Strategy & Play to Win!

  2. Understanding & Decoding Your Organization’s Culture

  3. Build Personal Power through Relationship Building

  4. Raise Your Profile  - Be Heard & Remembered

  5. How to Manage the Relationship With Your Boss

Rules of Work - Managers

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Office politics is the informal way things get done. Those who have strong connections and relationships in the organization are able to get things that others can’t. Politics is about using power effectively. The sooner you master the game of politics, the better you and your people will be for it. Learn how to manage office politics like a chess player. Develop a strategy & play to win!

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Corporate culture is a shared set of values. Understanding and decoding your organization's culture will help you maintain a position in the circle of trust.

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Create personal power through the art of building relationships up/down and across the organization.

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Discover how to elevate your profile among your peers. Learn how and when to toot your own horn.

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Your boss is your most important relationship. Take the time to decode your boss so that you can get to work on building a great relationship with them. The sooner you build relationships, the best you position yourself with those above and around you. The more your boss trusts you, the more others trust you.


About the teacher

Linda Reddin

As the founder of A Strategic Edge Coaching, I take great pride in guiding leaders to realize their highest potential. My signature style blends personal development with business acumen, equipping my clients with the skills to effectively communicate and thrive in the ever-evolving professional landscape. I continually seek learning deeper insights to inspire my coaching practice. My interests—hiking, reading, and teaching yoga—contribute to an enriching lifestyle that I proudly share with my clients.

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