Join Us For The Five Causes of Conflict With a Team

Wed. 8th June 2022

7:00 PM Pacific Time


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Managing a Distributed Team

The new normal of returning to the office has created significant stress among employees and management. Many employees, left to cope on their own, have opted out and joined #TheGreatResignation, leaving organizations without operational support and management confused about navigating these uncharted waters. 

The good news is that once you understand what causes conflict, you can find solutions to keep operations intact and talent in house.

  • Gain Insight & Clarity
  • Communication Strategy
  • Provide Mutual Support
  •  Stabilize Operations

Our Speaker

Executive Coach

Since 2009, Linda Reddin has been helping 100+ managers and business owners unravel the mystery behind leadership and communication skills and connect it to workplace synergy and success. 

Join Linda in an hour-long interactive discussion on the five leading causes of conflict in a team and how to resolve or prevent conflict in the first place.