If you want success, you have to go "all-in".

Success has no time for lukewarm efforts and on/off commitments. You're either in it to win it, or you're not.

We all know this; this is nothing new. Whether you are struggling in a personal or business relationship or doing work you dislike, nothing is going to improve until your attitude changes. Lamenting will only keep you stuck. It's time to step out of the muck and take positive action. 

It's time to get serious about what you want to achieve in your life, business, career, etc... before you waste another day. Decide what you really want, and really go for it! 

Here are 5 steps to help you answer your life's calling.


  1. Find Clarity

Take the time to assess what you really want. Make sure your goals are authentic and reflect your needs and heart-felt desires, not what others expect of you. Envision your future doing what you love and getting paid for it. Use all your senses to create a clear vision of your future. Enlist the support of a qualified coach to find clarity.

         2. Create SMART Objectives

Create an actionable plan for results. Enlist the support of a sounding board (business mentor or coach) to help.

  • Specific - objective data: quantity, $, what/who
  • Measurable - KPI's  (Key Performance Indicators) 
  • Achievable - how it will happen
  • Realistic 
  • Time-Bound - target dates

        3. Write a Business Plan

Examine the ebbs and flows of your industry and plan calendar activities to maximize growth potential and manage risk. Consider business opportunities,  seasonal changes and timing resource needs to address business demands over the next year. 

Begin working on a longer term plan, 3-5 years. Where can you expand/grow? Consider the eventual sale of your business &/or succession planning in leadership.

       4. Work the Plan. Assess & Calibrate Direction

Follow the plan with periodic check-ins on progress. Assess and review results, calibrate direction and activities as needed. Celebrate your early wins; and don't forget to include the people who helped you get there.

          5. Hire Support as Needed

Secure your own oxygen mask before assisting another."

Hire outside help when you need it. Don't wait until you are drowning in problems before you get the help you need. The greatest leaders have all had a Coach or Mentor to help them become effective communicators, decision makers and relationship builders. 

As Captain of your enterprise, what you do determines the success of your mission. Professional assistance is an investment in your business and contributes to your peace of mind.

To think that you should know how -or- do everything yourself is foolhardy. Strategic partners are an essential part of any business. Know your strengths and apply them accordingly; get outside help when you need it.

Remember, the time is now to get serious about your success. It's time to commit your whole self to whatever it is you really want to achieve. Your passion is calling; your success is waiting for you to fully show up.

About the author 

Linda Reddin

Linda Reddin, founder of A Strategic Edge Coaching in Kamloops, BC, helps managers and leaders become inspiring and influential leaders of successful enterprises. In her free time, Linda enjoys cooking healthy meals, exploring nature, reading music, and teaching and practicing yoga and meditation.

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