September 3, 2021

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Life is Stressful

Stress is an inevitable part of the human experience. Although the world has significantly advanced technologically from decades past, the human condition remains the same. We have work obligations, monetary needs, relationships with friends, family & significant others to nurture and grow. Add in extras such as a big project, an unexpected expense, a struggling business, post-secondary workload, a severe illness or estrangement with loved ones leads to stress overload. Continual stress that is left unchecked can slowly take away from our health and well-being.

Humans have been seeking external ways to alleviate internal stress for generations, often resorting to quick-fix addictive substances such as smoking, drinking alcohol, emotional eating, drugs, sex, gambling, retail therapy, and the like. The relief they bring is short-term and long-term reliance leads to new problems. A better solution takes us inward, to our mind and energetic body where our power resides.

We access our inner (higher) self through healthy personal practices such as mindfulness, journaling and meditation. There are scores of information on these topics online, in books and courses on offer. However, this article focuses on tools one can access to get the needed relief as a busy person.

Meditation has been proven through numerous studies to reduce stress and helps one create desirable change. This article showcases a simple meditation that's easy to remember and works well. It is a breathwork meditation that Preetha Krishna calls "How to Create a Beautiful State of Being," and takes less than ten minutes time.

The Reality: Short on Time to Learn New Skills

The key to starting a meditation practice is to find one that works for one's needs. To start, it should be simple, easy to learn and do, does not take too much time, does not require the need to purchase special equipment or tools, i.e. subscription apps, meditation cushions, and fits with one's belief system.

The "How to Create a Beautiful State of Being Meditation" is simple, easy to remember, can be used to address any situation or concern, takes seven minutes to complete, and is adaptable to individual preferences & beliefs.

The "How to Create a Beautiful State of Being" Meditation

When human beings improve their state of being at a spiritual or emotional level, they find a sense of calm; their higher self emerges, which expands creativity, improves thinking (efficiency); they become productive.

People are easier to be around, and they inspire leadership in others.

To try the meditation, find a comfortable, private place to sit; remove all distractions, i.e. turn off the phone/computer notifications, close the door, for the next 10-15 minutes.

Sit comfortably in a chair with the back erect but not rigid, hands resting on thighs with the fingers upward ready to count the top of each finger with a thumb for a total count of 8 breaths for each set (4 fingers x 2 hands). To prepare, relax with a clearing breath: a slow inhale through the nose, and a slower exhale out the mouth.

The breathwork that follows is done exclusively through the nose; e.g. slow inhale through the nose/slow exhale out the nose. Use a thumb and each finger on each hand for each count of eight (4 fingers x 2 hands).

When ready, the process is as follows.

The Meditation: 

  • 8 breaths counting with thumb & finger
  • 8 breaths "hum" on exhale - continue counting with thumb & finger...
  • 8 breaths noticing pause between inhales/exhales
  • 8 breaths, "ahum" on exhale - ("I am that - unlimited consciousness")
  • 8 breaths notice yourself melding into pure light, connectedness, spaciousness
  • 8 breaths thinking of a heart's desire - envision the positive action unfolding, happening, becoming real. Examples, such as:
    • an improved relationship - embracing the person
    • a healing from disease - envision a healthy body 

Adaptable to Different Situations & Beliefs

Students in Post Graduate studies frequently use this meditation, and executives and business leaders who need to bring their best self to work.

Feel free to adapt this meditation by trying out different body positions or change the mantra to one that has a stronger connection to individual preference. The results are encouraging and impressive.

Try the Meditation & Notice the Results

  • Give the meditation a try, and notice changes.
  • Journal the experience. What changed physiologically in the moment, plus any new outcomes. 
  • Drop us a comment below & let us know how it went.

  • Set up a regular meditation schedule; aim for sustainable change.

To Find Out More

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