Meditation: Find Ease & Clarity in 7 Mins.

Written by Linda Reddin

Introducing Meditation

We can access our higher self through healthy practices such as mindfulness, writing or meditation. There are scores of information available online, plus books and courses on offer. However, this article showcases a simple, not-over-the-top meditation that anyone new to the practice can try.

Meditation has been proven to reduce stress, improve clarity and state of being. This simple meditation is easy to remember and works well. It is a breathwork meditation that Preetha Krishna calls "How to Create a Beautiful State of Being," and takes seven minutes to complete.Enter your text here...

Life is Stressful

Stress is an inevitable part of the human experience. In spite of technological advances, the human condition remains the same.

To start, we have to make money to live and meet our responsibilities. Then, we have our relationships to nurture. Our spouse, children, friends and family all need our care. And when you add in extras such as a heavy workload, an unexpected expense, illness or issues with loved ones, this leads to stress overload.

Continual stress that is left unchecked can slowly diminish our health and well-being.

Meditation is a Healthy Tool

Mankind has been looking for stress relief since the beginning of time. The trouble is, we prefer a quick-fix and turn to external methods to find it. What offers us short term relief, oftentimes, becomes a crutch. Addictions such as smoking, drinking, drugs, sex, gambling and over-spending creates bigger problems. A better solution is to go where the problem resides - within ourselves. We need to go inward. 

Our mind and energetic body is where our issues begin, and also where our power resides. It's where we can access our higher self and become the best that we can be.

The Reality: Short on Time to Develop New Skills

The key to starting a meditation practice is to find one that is easy to do. The meditation should be simple, easy to learn and doesn't take a lot of time. It doesn't require purchasing special equipment or tools and fits with one's belief system.

The "How to Create a Beautiful State of Being Meditation" fits these requirements. It's straight-forward, easy to remember and can be used to address any situation or concern. You can adapt the words to fit your beliefs, and it takes seven minutes to complete.

Meditation: Improve Your State of Being 

A change in state of being happens at a spiritual or emotional level. When one is connected to one's higher self, creativity expands and thinking improves. Such people are pleasant to be around, and they inspire others to take their lead.

To prepare for meditation, find a quiet space to sit where you won't be interrupted for the next 10-15 minutes. Then, take a few minutes to eliminate all distractions, i.e. turn off the phone or computer notifications and close the door.

Sit comfortably erect but not rigid. Rest the back of your hands on your thighs, palms facing upward. Have your thumb ready to receive a tap from each finger to a total count of 8 breaths for each set (4 fingers x 2 hands). Take a slow, full inhale through the nose and exhale out the mouth to prepare. 

During the meditation, the inhale and exhale is done solely out the nose. Remember to use your thumb and fingers on each hand for each count of eight (4 fingers x 2 hands).

Once ready, the process is as follows.

The Meditation - 6 Sets of 8 Breaths - Count with Fingers & Thumb (4 fingers x 2 hands)

  • slow breaths through your nose- 8x
  • inhale, "hum" on exhale - 8x
  • 8 breaths observing the pause between your inhales and exhales (and not trying to change them).
  • inhale, sing "ahum" on exhale - (Translates to, "I am that - unlimited consciousness") - 8x
  • for 8 breaths envision yourself melding into pure light, connectedness, spaciousness.
  • take 8 breaths imagining a heart's desire taking place. For example, hugging an estranged loved one; or seeing a healthy, healed body from illness or injury.

Adaptable to Different Situations & Beliefs

This meditation has helped students undergoing Post Graduate studies, executives and busy people in general.

Feel free to try out different body positions or change the mantra to one that has a stronger connection for you.

The results are encouraging and impressive.

Deepen the Results of Your Meditation

  • Give the meditation a try, and notice changes.
  • Journal your experience. Jot down what changed physiologically in the moment, plus any new outcomes. 
  • Let us know how it went. Leave a comment below.
  • Set up a regular meditation schedule. Aim for sustainable change.

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