Perspective Shift: Climb higher to get a good look!

Written by Linda Reddin

Perspective. Sometimes when we're in the midst of a forest or trail our
vision is limited, we see only our immediate surroundings. Using our senses of
sight, sound, smell, touch of our hiking boots on the frozen ground and cold
breeze on our face provides information as to what kind of territory we're in,
any weather changes, and what's up ahead. Intuition and experience add insight
such as our state of preparedness for what's ahead or the need to change
direction, and if so, when.

And so it is with your business/goal/project. Ideally, you begin with a vision and create a mission on how you will achieve your goal.

You’ve considered all the essential elements to fulfill your mission: validated market needs; timing; economic, social or environmental variables; tools (training needs) and equipment (type of office, I.T. requirements; and available product/inventory/solutions). You’ve taken care to mitigate your risks. You’re ready; your market is ready; your people are ready, you launch. Sounds straight-forward, or is it?


Make sure that you, the leader, is ready for what’s required over the long haul. Working 60-80 hours a week is not sustainable long term.

Build your foundation. Learn what it takes to be good leader and a good communicator before mistakes happen and an unfortunate loss of good employees and/or worthy accounts occurs. Hire an experienced coach to support your professional development in this important area.

Time spent in reflection with a strategic, confidential partner is an excellent investment for your business, and for your peace of mind.

Opening your mind to new ideas requires a new way of thinking. Take time to step away from the trail, climb up, and revisit the bigger view.

Take-in the incredible vista; enjoy the view, the air, a fresh perspective.

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