Coaching Enables Possibilities &  High Achievement!

At ASEC, each of our training solutions is unique and targeted according to client needs, but all options come from a coaching perspective. We hold fast to this rule because "true coaching" works, unlike any other professional development program.

When we can manage the way we think, we change our actions and behaviors accordingly. Coaching opens the mind to see possibilities, expands perspective and empowers. Our tools are guidance, coaching and practical application to create long-term change.

Although we address the specific needs of leaders, managers and business owners through coaching, the primary benefit felt is support.

What is Possible through Coaching

  • Create an environment that inspires and motivates people to follow your example. 
  • Strengthen your leadership and achieve more than thought possible, with less stress! 
  • Connect to your inner power. Unleash your potential & discover the leader within! 

You tell us what your goals are; we'll help you make it happen. To find details click any of the categories below.


Confidential, one-on-one coaching to help leaders improve leadership and results.

Interactive training workshops to learn relationship building techniques to improve outcomes.

Behind the scenes support to improve business operations, results and company leadership.

Improved my communication skills, made my boss happy & found a safe space to detail my issues & concerns. 

regional manager - utility co.

After getting promoted, I hired Linda from A Strategic Edge Coaching to help me improve my communication skills. I didn't have time to take a course and I needed real time assistance to help me with my written projects.

As a result of working together, my manager noticed a significant improvement in my written work. Subjects covered include business cases, communicating with groups of people across different levels of management, and composing professional looking emails, letters & performance reviews. My boss appreciates that he no longer has to edit much of what I send him.

Besides improving my communication skills, one of the greatest benefits for me was having a safe place to detail my issues and concerns, and find solutions.  I learned a lot, and would recommend her to anyone. It was great!

If you're ready to improve your approach to working and being in life give me a call. Your future awaits your direction!

Is coaching right for your needs? Book a confidential discussion & find out!