Business Mentor

The Life of a Business Owner

Maintaining a successful business is a complex endeavor. A going concern requires frequent analyzing, planning, doing, and continuous monitoring and reflection on behalf of its owner or leader. 

The more a company grows, the greater the need to keep up with the ongoing and competing demands for your time. Often, the skills which got you here may not be enough to take you to where you want to go or need to achieve. That's where a Strategic Business Mentor & Coach comes in, an Executive Coach.

As a Business Grows, so do the Needs!

Most small business owners work long days already. It's hard to imagine taking time out for personal development, reflection and proactive planning.

A Coach brings Clarity, Support & Empowerment.

We understand that increasing business demands require greater personal effectiveness; good decision-making skills and self-management are crucial. Being effective requires a deep understanding of what motivates people and how to communicate to build trust & inspire others to follow your lead and do what you want. 

Is it time to hire a Business Coach?

Whether you are new to a role, launching a new business, or wanting more significant results, now may be the right time to invest in yourself, your business and make it happen.

Having an experienced coach and business mentor from ASEC can be beneficial during trying times. For owners, time spent in reflection for big picture thinking/visioning and tactical planning is time and money well invested if you're serious about success.

Our Difference

We have extensive experience managing and growing fast-paced operations within highly competitive industries. We know what it takes and can help you develop the skills to succeed.

  •  As a trained mind coach, we focus on improving how you think, see and work. Personal Effectiveness.
  • With our experience, we can save you time trying to figure it out on your own. Quicker Turnaround.
  •  When you hire someone to help you, your level of commitment increases. Get More Work Done. 
  •  You can consider ideas out loud without compromising competitive information. Discover Bright Ideas.  
  •  Consulting can be a business expense. Hiring temp help keeps your equity intact. A Smart Investment.  

A Strategic Partner for Hire

A partnership with ASEC varies according to client needs.  Scope of work is grouped into two categories.

 Business Consulting

Business Coaching 

The best thing I took from coaching with Linda was how to think clearly and manage my priorities better. What worked well for me- having one notebook to record my ideas, the events of my day, meeting agendas /notes and my to-do list helped me stay organized and on task. I felt more ease."

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Is coaching right for your needs? Book a confidential discussion & find out!