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Health & Wellness

A Strong Foundation Leads to Health & Wellbeing

Health and wellbeing are no longer optional benefits for when you have time. Living in a VUCA world means that today's leaders need the health and stamina of an athlete to meet our roles' ongoing demands. Thriving during the COVID19 pandemic of 2020 showcased the need to eat healthily, try meditation, and enjoy outdoor activities to keep everyone safe, healthy and able to go the distance until regular life returns. Those who adopted new habits, hobbies, lifestyles managed to thrive somewhat despite challenging times. We noticed how good we felt - more at ease, improved clarity, more productive and effective as a result!

In this section, we will cover what makes a healthy mind and body. Like many people, I've neared burn-out at work more than once over the years. I've learned essential mind/body health practices that have now become part of my daily routine. Through courses I've taken, books I've read, and creating new habits, I've improved my sleep and managed anxiety. I speak to what works well for the people I know and me.

Building a healthy mind and body foundation can be broken down into five main pillars, as listed below.

  • Exercise / Daily Movement
  • Healthy Diet  - consuming more whole foods, plant based food.  
  • Sleep / Rest  - 7.5 - 9 hours each night 
  • Social Connection - friendships with friends, family, loved ones.
  • Meditation, Spiritual or Mindfulness Practices 

Here you'll find all things related to building health and wellness into your daily routine. To begin, check out the videos below and visit our blog for more information. Let us know what you think in the comment section of our blogs or YouTube videos.

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