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Our workshops are an interactive and experiential group or team-based learning using real work-life scenarios. When we use relevant situations as subject matter, the training serves a valuable purpose of solving everyday issues; thus, engagement is high. The workshop provides a safe space for people to try new approaches and get immediate feedback from others within a learning environment's safety. Practice sets the learning. Using positive reinforcement, we keep fumbles light-hearted to make it fun.

While each workshop is specific to client needs, all are designed and facilitated from a coaching perspective. We hold fast to this rule because "true coaching" works, unlike any other type of professional development. When we can manage the way we think, we change our actions and behaviors accordingly. Although each person learns at a different speed, group learning offers real-time application and feedback. Sharing the experience with people in the same boat is encouraging and fun.

Since 2009, A Strategic Edge Coaching provides SDI Communication Skills Workshops for internal company teams and hosts external community events. Linda first discovered the SDI Relationship Awareness theory in a workshop during her residency with the Executive Coaching program at Royal Roads University. For the first time, she felt equipped to work in a group with ease. The team project Linda was a part of - proved it.

My Personal Experience with SDI® Relationship Building Tools - Case Study

Our assigned team was made up of six people with different personality types. Over the next seven months, we had to take turns assuming responsibility for completing numerous assignments and a final project worth 35% of our final marks.

The pressure to work well together was real.

As a result of knowing what motivates different personality types, we could complete our assignments without conflict and achieved an excellent product.

It was the best experience Linda had working as a team. Sold on the program, Linda became a facilitator shortly after that.

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 Communication Skills Training with SDI®

 We offer SDI Communication Skills Training for companies and in the small business community. The following illustrates the benefits and each type of training: internal and external workshops.

Internal Workshops

Internal workshops are great for strengthening corporate brand behaviors and provide a space to work on the company and industry-specific challenges as subject matter.

When team members gather to solve company problems, engagement is strong, and the results can be exponential. Collaboration shared responsibility in the company's success is what makes companies excel.

Strengthen Brand

Service that sells is a brand behavior. Workshops allow employees to learn and practice brand actions and behaviors.

Solve Problems

A safe space to collaborate and solve company or industry-specific issues. 

Team Bonding

Shared responsibility in the company's success is what makes teams gel and companies excel. 

The (SDI Communication Skills) workshop was so much fun to learn with the people I work with. It was great to interact with people I hardly ever see, and I even got along with people I normally don't. It was really interesting and I can use what I learned at home too. We should do more workshops like this!

plant supervisor, manufacturing co.

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External Workshops - Upcoming SDI® Training Courses

External Workshops

External workshops provide are great for learning new skills and having willing participants for practice. 

Although participants start off as strangers, they soon discover how similar they are. The sharing of stories holds a common theme that everyone can relate to.

Collaborating with people from various levels of experience and types of industries leads to sharing knowledge, bonding and expanding one's network.  

Build Personal or Business Brand

How we present ourselves to the public and serve our customers is our brand. Workshops allow solopreneurs, partnerships & small workplaces to learn and practice new approaches for immediate feedback.

Solve Everyday Problems

A safe space to collaborate with people from other industries and discuss common issues related to business, workplace or people in general.


People connecting about common issues end up learning about another's business. Good connections made lead to new referrals, an expanded network.

I loved the (SDI Communication Skills) workshop! I felt very welcome right away. I was given multiple tools to achieve success. The content was excellent and hit great points. I learned too much to even mention. I am very satisfied with the course. There is nothing I would change. It was a wonderful experience. The synergy was a highlight for me."

small business owner - service company

Customer Service That Sells!

President Theodore Roosevelt

“The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people..”

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