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Congratulations for taking the first step in researching solutions to resolve your problem or issue. The following is an overview of methodologies that we employ at A Strategic Edge Coaching (ASEC). 

While each type is unique and targeted according to client needs, all of our professional development options are designed from a coaching perspective. The reason we hold fast to this rule is because "true coaching" works unlike any other professional development program. When we are able to manage the way we think, we change our actions and behaviors accordingly. It requires coaching guidance and practice, and is further supported with follow up coaching to make change last over the long-term. 

Executive Coaching

Strategic and confidential one-on-one support for organizational leaders, managers and business owners. Discover clarity and how to shift perspectives; re-create a new vision. Refine your strategy: learn to manage your priorities effectively so that your actions and behaviors deliver the results you want. 

Learn new approaches for problem solving and communicating with key stakeholders. Create an environment that inspires and motivates people to follow your example. Strengthen your leadership, and achieve more than thought possible with less stress!

Training Workshops

Interactive and experiential group or team-based learning using real-work/business-life scenarios. This context is very effective for learning new approaches because of the availability of immediate feedback from peers and colleagues; and is team bonding, sharing in the fun of learning something new together.

Choose between hosting your own in-house, industry/needs specific workshop; or attend an external workshop in your community.

Business Mentor

Need a partner to help you get through some trying times? Keep your equity intact and hire a coach from ASEC instead.

Find strategic, confidential one-on-one support for business owners and entrepreneurs. Create and achieve results that you never thought possible!

Discover what your business needs;  revise or create new strategies and implement processes which take "the grind" out of daily operations and bring the passion back into the workplace.

Online Learning

Relevant courses for real-life workplace needs and scenarios. This learning platform is for busy clients who want and need to learn new skills but don't have the capacity to access one-on-one coaching.

Leadership and Communication Skills continue to be the most important but neglected "soft skills" which can have the "greatest impact" to your bottom line results. At ASEC, we take the pain out of learning the hard way and offer proven approaches that really work. Learn new approaches for problem solving and communicating with key stakeholders. 

The Online Learning platform will be available in spring 2021. Subscribe to our newsletter to get notified of our launch and enjoy early bird pricing. 

After getting promoted, I hired Linda from A Strategic Edge Coaching to help me improve my communication skills. I didn't have time to take a course and I needed real time assistance to help me with my written projects.

As a result of working together, my manager noticed a significant improvement in my written work. Subjects covered include business cases, communicating with groups of people across different levels of management, and composing professional looking emails, letters & performance reviews. My boss appreciates that he no longer has to edit much of what I send him.

Besides improving my communication skills, one of the greatest benefits for me was having a safe place to detail my issues and concerns, and find solutions.  I learned a lot, and would recommend her to anyone. It was great!

W. N.

Regional Manager,  Utility Co.

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