Strategic Business Mentor & Coach

Maintaining a successful business is a complex endeavor. It requires frequent analyzing, planning, doing, and continuous monitoring and reflection on behalf of its owner or leader. The more a company grows, the greater the need to keep up with the ongoing and competing demands for your time. Often times, the skills which got you here, may not be enough to take you to where you want to go or need to achieve. That's where a Strategic Business Mentor & Coach comes in, an Executive Coach.

An Executive Coach from a Strategic Edge Coaching understands that increasing business demands require greater personal effectiveness; good decision-making skills and self-management are crucial. It requires a high level understanding of what motivates people and how to communicate in a way that builds trust and inspires others to follow your lead, do what you need/want.

Whether you are new to a role, launching a new business, or wanting greater results, now may be the right time to invest in yourself & your business, and make it happen.

To help determine potential needs for business coaching, answer the following if it applies to your situation:

  • Does the work that you do, equate to your results?
    • If yes, are you satisfied with your achievements?
    • If no, why do you think that is?
  • Have you noticed recurring mistakes or challenges with certain employees, clients or business processes?
  • Are you the only one capable of winning new business?
  • Are you strategically focused?
    • If yes, how is your company progressing in relation to your long-term goals?
    • If no, are you ready to finally create a winning strategy?
  • How is your competitive edge versus your competition; is it strong and well known?

An experienced coach and business mentor from ASEC can be very helpful during trying times. For owners, time spent in reflection for big picture thinking/visioning and tactical planning is time and money well invested if you're serious about success.

At a Strategic Edge Coaching, we have extensive experience managing and growing fast-paced operations within highly competitive industries. We know what it takes, and can help you develop the skills to succeed.

A Strategic Partner for Hire

A partnership with ASEC varies according to client needs.  Scope of work is grouped into two broad categories.

 Business Consulting

Business Coaching & Mentor

Return on Investment (ROI)

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Communication Skills Training for Entrepreneurs!

How to Communicate to Get the Results You Want! 

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If business is about relationships, then the ability to develop good relationships with any type of personality becomes vital. In this half day workshop, attendees gain an in-depth understanding about what motivates different types of people (including them self) and why.

Using business related needs as subject matter, attendees learn how to refine and adjust their approach to get the response (results) they need/want.

Clients will learn new communication approaches for challenging business/work related tasks, such as:

  • Cold-calling a busy prospect to win a meeting
  • How to have a difficult conversation with an employee or customer, and prevent conflict
  • How to communicate to a group of people, verbally or through written word
  • How to build relationships and customer loyalty

Attendees leave the workshop with greater awareness, new communication tools, and more confidence to do the important work and get the results they need to be successful in work and life; with less stress!

Are You Ready to Improve your Communication Skills, Reduce Stress & Improve your Results?

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President Theodore Roosevelt

“The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people..”

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