Executive Coaching

One-on-one coaching services designed to help a leader, professional or entrepreneur improve clarity and decision making; become an influential communicator and role model; thereby improve overall business performance and achieve peace of mind.

The following packages offer engagements which vary according to client and/or organizational needs and estimated level of commitment. Our intention is not to provide a complete list but one which serves the needs of many, very well. Have a read, and if you'd like to explore your options further, book a free consultation.

Short-term Coaching Programs

Starter Package: 5 Sessions

 Targeted support for a specific issue (narrow focus) over a short period of time. 

Also suitable for clients who are new to coaching, and would like to test-drive the process prior to making a greater commitment. 

  • Sessions are conducted via Zoom or telephone.

To better determine your needs, book a free consultation.

90 Day Intensive Program

An ideal package for one-on-one coaching support to create significant change or achieving break-through business results within a 90 day time frame. 

  • <20 coaching hours to used within 90 days
Suitable Issues, such as:
  • Small Business Launch
  • Product Launch 
  • Focused Skills Development

Long-term Coaching Programs

Individual Coaching Engagement

A comprehensive package for leaders and executives who need support overcoming complex situations or navigating through major change (transitions) which is likely to last a year or more. 

This package involves the co-creation of a strategic plan up-front and provides ongoing coaching support with payment investment structures to match.

 Key priorities and measurement criteria are established to ensure that objectives are clear,  achievable and ROI is tangible. 

Geared for Lasting Change:
  • Leadership Development
  • New Business Strategy
  • Communication Skills

Corporate Engagement Plan - 2 or more clients 

A company-wide Leadership Development program designed to leverage impact and results.

Using ASEC's Leadership Foundations program, clients learn what leadership is in terms of desired ways of thinking, role modeling and communicating through words, actions and behaviors. 

Leadership goals are defined and aligned with the corporate vision, mission, and require stakeholder commitment and agreement. 

The Corporate Plan Offers:
  • Economy of scale for >1
  • impact is leveraged when >1 leader is strong

To determine needs on a broad-scale, book a free consultation.