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Interactive and experiential group or team-based learning using real-work/business-life scenarios. This context is very effective for learning new approaches because of the availability of immediate feedback from others within the safety of a learning environment. Using positive reinforcement, we keep fumbles light-hearted.

While each type is unique and targeted according to client needs, all of our professional workshops are designed and facilitated from a coaching perspective. The reason we hold fast to this rule is because "true coaching" works unlike any other professional development program. When we are able to manage the way we think, we change our actions and behaviors accordingly. 

At A Strategic Edge Coaching, we provide both internal and external workshops. 

Internal Workshops

Internal workshops are great for strengthening corporate brand behaviors, and provide a safe space to work on company and industry specific challenges as subject matter. When team members gather to solve company problems, engagement is strong and the results can be exponential. Collaboration, shared responsibility in the company's success is what makes companies excel.

A Strategic Edge Coaching offers the following corporate workshops:

 Communication Skills Development

Part 1: Half-Day Workshop, Build Communication Skills

It's a fact that a person who understands people well, and knows how to motivate or inspire others to do what he/she wants, will be productive and successful in his/her endeavors. For over 40 years, Personal Strengths™ has helped people make business and personal relationships more productive.

The TSDI® (Total Strength Deployment Inventory) is a proven memorable tool that helps people understand each other at a much deeper level, increase their acceptance of one another; and in turn, prevent conflict. It is the flagship assessment of a suite of tools based on Relationship Awareness™ — a learning model for effectively and accurately understanding the motive behind behavior. When people recognize the unique motivation of themselves and others, they greatly enhance their ability to communicate more effectively AND handle conflict more productively.

Prior to the workshop, participants are asked to complete a TSDI® online survey.

At the workshop, participants will receive their results in full colour, and as a reference to learning. 


At the core of this workshop is the Total Strengths Deployment Inventory ®, a survey of how you respond when times are good, and when you are under stress. What you will learn:

1) Discover how your own motivation and values influence your behavior

2) Gain a better understanding of the motivation and behavior of others

3) Identify your personal response to conflict - and make more effective choices as a result

4) Learn ways to anticipate, prevent and manage conflict situations in your life

 5) Capture relationship-building techniques that you will be able to apply immediately.

6) The language is easy to use, so participants remember their results. Results that are memorable are more easily applied, and the learning is sustainable over the long term.

Part 2: Full Day Workshop, Build Communication & Team Effectiveness 

Armed with enhanced communication skills from the morning session, employees collaborate towards solving a troublesome corporate issue together in the afternoon.

The facilitator guides the process and will provide senior management with a summary of findings and key takeaways for further development and consideration. 

The full day platform is highly recommended for putting application to good use (learning retention), solving real problems and for employee buy-in.

Part 3: Full Day Workshop, Build Greater Effectiveness: Portrait of Personal Strengths®

This workshop extends previous learning to include an Introduction to Conflict, and another survey called the Portrait of Personal Strengths®. 

Greater self awareness of our strengths and overdone strengths allows us to understand our communication pitfalls, and make better choices when communicating with people whom have very different motivational values than ourselves. We learn how to borrow ‘value relating’ styles which would best serve the task at hand, as opposed to trying ‘imposed’ and uncomfortable ‘masked ‘relating behaviors, which are rarely effective.

When we prevent conflict, we save time/money, and achieve more desirable outcomes. In essence, we become more effective.

This a full day workshop which will allow continued work on solving predetermined corporate issues, using Strength Management to improve the collaboration amongst team members.

This advanced training is most suitable for developing Leadership and Self-Mastery with the leadership circle.

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External Workshops

External workshops provide excellent learning opportunities for individuals who want to improve skills, but need willing participants to explore and test new approaches with. 

At ASEC, we focus on building practical and necessary skills that are needed in business and life. Our subject matter is business/work related, but is easily applied towards personal situations.

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How to Communicate to Get the Results You Want! 

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If business is about relationships, then the ability to develop good relationships with any type of personality becomes vital. In this half- day workshop, attendees gain an in-depth understanding about what motivates different types of people (including them self) and why.

Using business related needs as subject matter, attendees learn how to refine and adjust their approach to get the response (results) they need/want.

Clients will learn new communication approaches for challenging business/work related tasks, such as:

  • Cold-calling a busy prospect to win a meeting
  • How to have a difficult conversation with an employee or customer, and prevent conflict
  • How to communicate to a group of people, verbally or through written word
  • How to build relationships and customer loyalty

Attendees leave the workshop with greater awareness, new communication tools, and more confidence to do the important work and get the results they need to be successful in work and life; with less stress!

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President Theodore Roosevelt

“The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people..”

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