At A Strategic Edge Coaching, we specialize in executive coaching to help managers and CEOs hone their strategic edge. We meet our clients where they are, reconnect them to their values, and guide them on their journey into effective leadership. 

Our expertise lies in understanding people and helping them access their inner power to be successful in their roles. 

With an attitude of servitude, gratitude, and responsibility towards their work, leaders can unlock the ultimate potential of their organizations. 

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We provide leadership development - supported by coaching. Our programs entail more than learning concepts and tools. Clients apply what they learn in daily interactions and reflect on their actions during their coach sessions. Our comprehensive approach is practical, real and results in change that lasts. 

Meet the founder


I'm  Linda Reddin

As the founder of this coaching company, I am dedicated to helping you become a better leader. From finding clarity and direction in times of uncertainty to building effective habits and approaches, I work with you to help you find success and reach your goals. My vision is to create a safe space for learning, exploration, and growth so that together we can make lasting changes in how you lead and achieve long-term results. 

My Background

I began my working career in banking. After finding myself single with two half-grown sons, I transformed my job as an Accounting Clerk into a fast-track career. With hard work, self-study and luck, I proved my capability to meet and exceed sales expectations at home and abroad. After a four-year stint in Ireland, I returned to Canada to accept my first Bank Manager role. This happened within seven years of my career.

The Role that Shaped My Future

High Expectations, but Low Resources. 

The Branch Manager's role was to launch the first flagship branch for the recently merged credit union. The position demanded someone who could lead an untested sales and service platform with a brand new team.

Corporate expectations for the branch growth tripled from previous years' results, but the staff complement was lean. In addition, corporate training programs were not yet available, and the employees were green.

What Happened

In the beginning, I took every loan, mortgage, mutual fund appointment and trained employees in-between. I had to work before/after hours and on weekends to complete paperwork and file reports. In addition, I used many weekends to build relationships within the community and expand our market share.

As a result of our efforts, the branch tripled in asset growth after our first full year. We also scored off the chart results in customer satisfaction and branch efficiency.

During my five-year tenure, the branch continued to exceed results in revenue and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, we consistently ranked #1 or #2 for branch efficiency out of 21 branches over 20 quarters.

The Revolving Door

Management took notice. I became so skilled at developing others that our branch became the prime location to find, promote or move employees to other struggling locations.

A New Career Path Emerged

I grew weary of the hamster wheel. I discovered how supportive coaching was as a client and rewarding as a coach. Ready to retire my role as the region's unofficial trainer, coaching became my passion and calling.

I left the role in January 2009 to commit 100% to my training at Royal Roads University and became a Certified Executive Coach.

After the program, I trained and became a licensed facilitator for SDI™ Relationship Intelligence in 2009.

Shortly thereafter, A Strategic Edge Coaching was born.

Our History

Leadership Coaching, Specializing in Communication.

We opened for business in October 2009. Since then, A Strategic Edge Coaching has helped busy managers and business owners find clarity and direction to become better leaders and find balance in their lives.

Communication skills, verbal or written, are Linda's specialty. Through one-on-one coaching, she has helped struggling managers find their voice and elevate their purpose. In addition, as a licensed facilitator for SDI™, Linda delivered communication skills workshops for company teams and entrepreneurs in the community.

The Pandemic of 2020 - Focus on Health

During the global upheaval of 2020, Linda reinforced health and well-being as essential for leadership effectiveness. In addition, lifestyle is crucial for meeting the demands of a corporate athlete in a VUCA world.

A yoga instructor since 2016, Linda expanded her corporate offerings to share mindful meditations, lifestyle guidance on diet, exercise and yoga for a healthy body, healthy mind. Check out our YouTube channel or Media page.

New Developments - August 2023

Over the years, we've noticed a need to provide practical training on a broader scale and depth. 

Later this fall we're launching our first Holistic Leadership Development Program. The Leader Within is an 11 week intensive program for managers and business owners to activate their power, learn communication skills and leadership principles to become the best that they can be.

Seats are limited. Book your seat to get in at the lowest (beta) price .

What Our Customers Say:

Linda comes from a calm position of confidence that is appreciated. Her integrity allows you to become completely honest with her. Linda has been part of great change in my life.


Linda leads with heart and respect in her coaching exchanges. She brings years of experience and knowledge as a leader in the banking industry. Along with heart, warmth and intuition, she demonstrates the critical thinking and logical steps required to resolve any problems. She is a dedicated and committed team player with who I have had the pleasure of working. Linda is an asset to anyone wanting to work with her in her role as an Executive Coach."


As a coach, Linda is really encouraging; when you have HR issues you have confidentiality issues. It was so nice to have someone safe to talk with and sort things out. Linda had a way of wrapping everything up neatly at the end. Coaching was an excellent fit for our entire organization. It helped me out in so many ways."


Improved Skills

The coaching from Linda reduced my stress. It was supportive, and I learned a lot. I am a lot clearer about what my role is, what the owners expect of me, and what I need to do." 


Coaching helped. I re-learned patience with people, dealing with behavior and not taking things personally. I also learned how to listen and cooperate with others to find solutions. Linda, you are very good at what you do." 

operations MANAGER, telecom CO.

Coaching allowed me to get the crux of the issue, clarity in seeing the bigger issue. It provided the support I needed and became the impetus for taking action. I also learned tools for communicating through difficult employee issues, which was very helpful."

director of operations, national non-profit

Transform the Burden of Leadership into the Honor it is!

 The struggle is real but suffering is optional. So let us help you find joy again & become your best self! 

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  • We have ready made solutions drawn from years of experience and experts in leadership development.
  • All the leadership essentials- self-mastery, communication, relationships and balance are covered. 
  •  Coaching connects you to your higher self, to become your best self. We activate the leader within you!
  • Your success is our success. We stand behind our offerings. When you're happy, so are we! 

We use our experience to create yours

The world needs good leadership like never before. Our goal is to share our knowledge as far as it can go. 

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