Be the Leader your Company Needs.

Leadership is about getting results through people, so knowing how to motivate your team is crucial!

Learn how to create win-win-win relationships to achieve your goals whilst remaining true to your values.

Build leadership skills and gain confidence to become the inspiring leader that resides within you!

Holistic Work: People Skills, Mindset and Energy!

The Leader Within course is a complete program in holistic leadership development. In short, we'll teach you the skills, strengthen the mind and foster sustainable high performance through lifestyle design. 

First, you'll learn how to communicate to get the best from your team and when working with others. Second, you'll develop clarity, focus and inner resolve. Last, we know that the mind and body are so interconnected that a healthy mind requires a healthy vessel. So, lifestyle is vital for long term success. 

During this 11-week intensive, we cover everything a leader needs to excel in leadership and be successful. We provide communication tools and leadership instruction to handle common employee issues with ease. We also teach mind and body health and fitness techniques to build a healthy vessel for the mind.

Leadership: Communication Skills

Build mutually beneficial relationships with your employees, colleagues, supervisor and the world at large. Discover new approaches that open doors and new opportunities. Practice what you learn using real life examples during our group coach sessions.

Inner Work, New Habits & Lifestyle

Learn meditation and mindfulness to improve your mood and creative problem solving. Establish new habits of exercise, sleep hygiene and eating healthy. Adopt a new lifestyle that includes a non-restrictive diet, daily exercise and energy management.

The Leader Within

Become the leader that resides within you. Our methodology consists of:


peer Support


Training and instruction is done through videos, group coaching calls and written work. We meet weekly with our coach or small group/dyads for support and partner accountability. 

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Development from the Inside-Out!

What we offer

Leadership Capability

It's a complete leadership program that builds from the leader within. 

Clarity & Inner Strength

When someone connects to their true self, inner conflict is absent.

Win friends and Influence

Clients learn how to connect and build trust with all types of people. 

Relevant Tools that Work!

Proven techniques for dealing with issues & coaching for excellence.

About Linda Reddin

After 14 years of helping stressed out managers and business owners, Linda noticed a common thread amongst all who slipped off the rails. All had dropped self-care and let their lifestyle slip, but no one was addressing this phenomenon. Linda decided to change this and created a program that does it all: instruction, tools, introspection, coaching and peer support. She took key elements from her own journey back to good health after a lifetime of overwork and burn out and is pleased to share her knowledge with you. "Your lifestyle IS your foundation to stay well and fully capable."

Program features

The Leader Within is launching for the first time on March 27th. To ensure that participants receive a high quality experience, we are limiting the number of seats to 20. Sign up early to secure your spot and take advantage of pre-launch pricing. The prices will never be this low ever again!

Communication Skills

Discover what motivates you and others to feel self worth by completing a strengths assessment and participating in virtual workshops. Learn how to manage your personal strengths (and overdone strengths) to engage any personality type and obtain their heart-felt commitment.

Inner Resolve

Through an introspective exercise, write out your development opportunities to create your SMART goals. Prepare to overcome internal barriers by identifying your personal saboteur style and create new habits that replace unhelpful ones. Learn practices that bring clarity and energetic stability.

Values Alignment

Identify and align your personal values to company values. Learn how to demonstrate these values in all that you say and do at work, home or out in the community. Be a role model that employees want to follow.

Management Essentials

Learn the unwritten rules of management. Discover what actions and behaviors build alliances and influence up and down the corporate hierarchy. Know how to navigate politics, work with your boss, manage your direct reports and handle everyday employee issues with confidence and ease. 

Leadership Self Mastery

Create and refine a lifestyle that works to your preferences and daily, weekly workflow. Decide on a food plan, exercise and sleep schedule and adopt introspective practices that give you clarity and help build fortitude. Determine how you will stay accountable and on track.

Previous Customers

Linda taught me so much about communication. I can't believe how much I learned and how much I've changed! 

Anne M.

General Manager, Transportation Co. 

Once I learned to test my thoughts, I could respond instead of reacting. I see things from a new perspective now.

Melody J.

Assistant General Manager, Service Co.

Linda's strength is clearing the mind and organizing thoughts to action. She's helped me navigate great change in my life.

David M.

President, Wealth Management Co.

What Makes Us Different?

The Leader Within is a complete and comprehensive Leadership training program designed for Managers and Business Owners. Most courses separate leadership development from management training. However, we believe that leadership and management go hand-in-hand; therefore, should be synchronized as one. As a result, this program outweighs other offerings.

To begin, you will learn management essentials and communication tools. You'll discover relationship intelligence and learn how to navigate the world of politics and influence.

Leadership development comes through coaching, workshops, self-assessment, journaling and assignments. The truth is, it's going to be intensive work - 11 weeks of trying things outside your comfort zone. To get the most out of this program, you have to go all in - be 100% committed! 

Our goal is Leadership Transformation which can't happen unless you commit your whole self. We use coaching to help you grow from the inside out. You'll also learn mindfulness practices and meditation to help you find clarity, connect to your truth and strengthen your resolve. 

Finally, we need "the new you" to last. To maintain top performance, lifestyle is paramount. We'll teach you about the elements of a healthy lifestyle and you'll design one that works for you. 

By the end, you'll have the knowledge, skills and lifestyle to support you for the long-term.

What Are You Waiting For? 

There's absolutely NO RISK with our 30-day Money Back Guarantee. Check out the Q & A for the details.


What do I get when I finish the program?

You will receive a Certificate of Completion for the Leadership Foundations Program, The Leader Within. You can include this training on your resume.

Can I Re-Visit the Course in the Future?

You will always have access to the content of the program as you experienced it and can revisit it at any time.

what if I don't complete the program on time?

As much as possible, we strongly encourage you to complete the program within the 11 week period to receive the maximum benefit from intensive work and group support. However, if unforeseen circumstances arise, you may complete it at any time on your own in the future. You will miss out on having the support of your peers, but once you've completed all of the lessons and assignments you will receive your Certificate of Completion of the Leadership Foundations Program. 

What are the terms of your Money Back Guarantee?

If you do all the work on schedule within the first 30 days and still aren't satisfied with the program, email to request a refund. We'll review the time you've spent on the learning portal and if you've completed the assignments as required within the 30 day timeframe. *If all of these terms have been met, we'll approve the refund of your purchase."

See how easily you can be the Leader People Follow.

Authentic leadership happens when people connect to their truth. We show you how to engage your mind and maintain your energy to meet the demands of your role through lifestyle management. The Leader Within teaches you how to think to access your power, and do anything you set your mind to with focus and a little hard work.

Schedule a call with a member of our team to explore if the Leader Within is a fit for you!

The Magic Formula

Online Learning + Assignments + Coaching + Group Participation + Practice = Transformation

Make training time-bound to complete within 11 weeks and commitment increases tenfold. 

Studies have shown that coaching creates significant growth unlike another other training method. The coaching process opens the mind to help clients find answers to troubling issues. Done right, clients feel empowered and more capable as a result. The more they practice, the better they become.

When a group of people are going through the same journey, mutual support is appreciated. Students of the program hold each other accountable and learn from each other which deepens their learning.