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What's the Big Deal with Health & Wellness?

Health and wellbeing are no longer optional benefits for when you have time. Living in a VUCA world means that today's leaders need the health and stamina of an athlete to meet their roles' ongoing demands.

Moving on, the COVID19 lockdown of 2020 showcased the need for healthy living, a healthy lifestyle.

We were encouraged to eat healthily, try meditation and get outdoors as much as possible. It was the way to keep everyone safe, healthy and able to go the distance until regular life returned. 

Those who adopted new habits, hobbies, lifestyles managed to thrive somewhat despite challenging times. We noticed how good we felt - more at ease, better clarity, more grounded and effective as a result!

Our goal is to help you be at your best so that you can do what needs to be done.

It begins with helping you build a lifestyle that works well for you. 

A  holistic approach is how you build high performance for the long term.

You must connect to your equilibrium. Find your sweet spot between effort and ease!

Wellness Trifecta: Body, Mind & Spirit 

Each of us has a mind, body and spirit; a health and wellness trifecta. When you tend to all three areas you will find a sense of wellness, a balance. Continue on a consistent basis for at least 30 days and you've started a new lifestyle. Starting is good, but if you don't keep it up you'll slide right back to old habits. I know; I've done it many times. I suspect you may know what I mean. It's time to stop the madness!

Be Focused. Get SMART.

To create a lifestyle, ask yourself what you want to achieve? Is it a lifestyle that helps you to be your best, for now or forever? If it's forever, then place your stake in the sand! Commit to what you want and can live with. Make SMART goals. Then, make sure you create an environment that is easy to stay on track. 

Calibrate on a Regular Basis

Monitor your progress. Notice what's happening with your body, thinking or mood and adjust accordingly.

Up the quality, inject variety and update your schedule so that it works better for you. Once you take on this mindset, you will find your recipe for high performance with balance. It's a lifestyle by your design. 

Create a Strategic Plan

Read my case study on how our household made a significant lifestyle change. 

Lifestyle is a holistic approach to achieving high performance with balance.

Guidelines for Living a Healthy life


Following a daily sleep cycle of 7.5 - 9 hours every night. Allowing extra rest when needed, plus vacations.

Balanced Diet

A colorful variety of fruit and vegetables, quality proteins, whole grains & healthy fats. Also adequate water intake.

Social Connection

On a regular basis, making time for enjoying the company of friends, family, community and loved ones.

Feed Your Mind

Fulfilling work or activities that stimulate thinking such as reading, learning new skills, language or hobbies.

Spiritual Nourishment

Taking time and practice to connect to your values, beliefs and engaging with a like-minded community.


Incorporating various types of exercise: cardio, dance strength-building, stretching. Getting fresh air & sunshine.

Do you have balance in your life?

How well are you managing your priorities, starting with yourself? Download our free Wheel of Life Assessment to find out!

Here you'll find all things related to bringing health and wellness into your daily routine.

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Lifestyle is a holistic approach to achieving high performance with balance.

About the author


I'm  Linda

Like many people, I've nearly burnt-out at work more than once over the years. As a result, I've adopted lifestyle practices that are now part of my daily routine. Courses I've taken, books I've read, activities such as yoga have led to where I am today. My sleep has improved and so has my my anxiety. I speak to what works well for me and the people I coach. I'm happy to share this with you .