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What we do

A program catered to your needs

There is no one size fits all program, but the process is proven - coaching delivers! Since 2009, we've been helping managers, executives & business owners rise to their leadership potential, improve results & enjoy the journey. 

Results that matter

Success is determined using a balanced scorecard of people, process and profit.  You tell us what you tried, what you need to achieve, and we'll design a program to help to get there.

Strong Leadership Skills

Good leadership can produce exponential results when the entire company is committed to the vision & mission. Learn how to find clarity, focus and motivation for the long-term.

Find Peace of Mind 

Discover how to manage and direct your energy / resources towards activities that produce the results you want & need.  Enjoy your work more, reduce worry and find greater ease.

Tailored offerings upon request

Leadership Development

One-on-one coaching services that helps a manager, business owner or executive improve leadership capabilities and become inspiring role models for the team and for the company to excel.

communication skills training

Become a highly effective communicator. Discover how to inspire & motivate an audience of diverse personalities and inherent value systems to follow your lead, and achieve your highest priorities.

small business mentoring

Coaching support for small business owners who want to improve business results, or are going through transition or at a cross-roads in their business. ASEC provides confidential, behind the scenes support to help owners clarify, design strategic direction & action.

Health & Wellness

The demands of Leadership in a VUCA world require us to have the health and stamina of a corporate athlete. Discover how to improve your overall health and wellbeing through instruction on healthy eating, exercise (featuring yoga), adequate rest and meditation.

why we do it

We’ve been there

A Strategy Edge Coaching understands the challenges of leadership when resources are low but the demands are relentless. Leadership doesn't have to be burden; let it be an honour instead. Do what you need to do, but equip yourself with the tools you need to get the job done efficiently and effectively. Develop the necessary skills to inspire the next generation of managers and leaders.   Think long-term and greater potential than you first imagine.

We use innovation for convenience & value.

Since 2020, we conduct all of our sessions via Zoom or phone. Zoom provides a visual connection and reduces the expense of time, money and carbon impact to our planet. Our clients appreciate the savings, and wholeheartedly agree!


What they say

principal & ceo

Wealth Management Company

Linda comes from a calm position of confidence that is appreciated. Her integrity allows you to become completely honest with her. Linda has been part of great change in my life." (Names withheld for privacy.)

regional director

International Cancer Foundation

As a coach, Linda is really encouraging; when you have HR issues you have confidentiality issues. It was so nice to have someone safe to talk with and sort things out. Linda had a way of wrapping everything up neatly at the end. Coaching was an excellent fit for our entire organization, it helped me out in so many ways." (Names withheld for confidentiality reasons.)

Inspiration for Success

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