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I help leaders and business owners get outstanding results through communication, mindset, and lifestyle strategies. 

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I'm Linda Reddin

Linda Reddin is a professional life coach dedicated to helping individuals create positive change and achieve their goals. Royal Roads University trained Certified Executive Coach  and over 14 years of experience in the field, Linda has honed her skills in areas such as personal growth, mind-body fitness and communication skills.

I can help you with

To find success, you need people skills, the ability to present your ideas clearly, and the confidence and control to lead yourself. 

Time Management

With good time management skills, you can prioritize important tasks, be more productive, and reach success faster.

Public Speaking

Having great public speaking skills can open many doors, giving you a competitive edge in the professional world. 

Effective Leadership

Leadership helps you achieve goals by creating a productive team and motivating them to succeed. 

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Private Coaching

Private coaching can help you become a better leader, navigate relationships more effectively, and be healthier. Coaching equips you with the tools needed to see beyond obstacles and thrive in whatever goals you set. Take the opportunity and reach your full potential with customized coaching today.  

Group Coaching

Are you ready to take the next step in your leadership journey? With our group coaching programs, communication skills workshops and health and wellness challenges, you will have the knowledge, tools, and support necessary to excel. So why wait? Join us at the forefront of self-leadership and become the leader you have always dreamed of being. 

Online Courses

Online courses in leadership, communication and mind-body fitness offer practical solutions for busy people. Perfect for anyone looking to get ahead professionally or take control of their physical and mental wellbeing. 

Linda comes from a position of calm confidence that is appreciated. Her integrity allows you to become completely honest with her. As a result, Linda has been responsible for significant change in my life. (Names withheld to protect the privacy of clients.) 

President & CEO  

/ Wealth Management Co.

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Hear what they say

"Linda leads with heart and respect in her coaching. She brings years of experience and knowledge as a leader in the banking industry. Along with heart, warmth and intuition, she demonstrates the critical thinking and logical steps required to resolve any problems.

Social Worker

Provincial Family Services

"As a coach, Linda is encouraging. When you have HR issues, you have confidentiality issues. It was so lovely to have someone safe to talk with and sort things out. Linda had a way of wrapping everything up neatly at the end. Coaching was an excellent fit for our entire organization.


International Cancer Foundation

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