Coaching for Leadership Development

Executive coaching is coaching for leadership development. It specializes in helping managers and CEOs level up their influence to improve company performance.

It's a sacred partnership that requires a deep level of trust.

First, the leader must feel safe enough to uncover self-limiting beliefs or mistruths with the coach as a guide. Then, with encouragement from her coach, the coachee is guided through a safe passage to land. For the coachee, this is an empowering experience. 

The process is robust and works so well that clients say that coaching is fantastic. The reason is that coaching is honest and authentic. When the connection is confirmed, the impact is significant. That's what the goal is. Momentous change that lasts, for results that matter.

Strategic Coaching Partnership

The leadership coach and client have a confidential relationship focused on developing skills related to their goals. Skills-building typically falls within areas of building relationships or improving personal effectiveness. 

Real-Time Leadership Application and Learning 

Our programs are two-fold, in that clients learn theory by applying leadership principles to current issues in real-time. Second, the combination of used approaches supported by coaching can transform ordinary managers into exceptional ones. 

Leadership Coaching is for Results that Matter

We've known for decades that employee engagement affects the bottom line. So much so, it's now imperative to have managers who model the way. Since 2009, A Strategic Edge Coaching has helped many managers and business owners improve their leadership skills and company results. 

Main Benefits of Leadership Coaching

Greater Clarity

The skill of seeing things as they are, despite your blind spots. Also, knowing when and how to shift your perspective for creative problem-solving. 

Improved Efficiency

It is establishing and maintaining the proper focus at the right time. For example, less time spent correcting errors means more time  for priorities.

Stronger Relationships

You see every interaction as an opportunity to build trust and respect with everyone you meet. As a result, you have strong and loyal allies.

Business Performance

Employees see you as their role model and copy your example. High-level behaviors improve the bottom line, sometimes exponentially.

Career Promotion

When you become a more capable manager, people want to leverage your influence. So, naturally, this invites greater responsibility and opportunity.

Peace of Mind

Felt like a sense of calm from inner connection to one's higher self and self-esteem. Seen by others as operating in a heightened state of flow.

Linda comes from a relaxed position of confidence that is appreciated. Her integrity allows you to become completely honest with her. As a result, Linda has been part of significant change in my life." (Names withheld for privacy.)

Principal & CEO // Wealth Management Company

Steps to how we work


Book a 45-minute discovery call with Linda via Google Meet to discuss your needs and assess for mutual fit. 


After both parties have decided to move forward, a proposal will be offered with options to address various needs and budget. 


Once the contract is signed, the coach and coachee will arrange the first meeting. Early stages include goal setting and may include input from her boss. The boss is kept informed of the coachee's level of engagement and attendance, but the contents of the sessions remain confidential between coach/coachee.


At the end of the engagement, a summary of progress will be provided by the coach to the sponsor. In return, feedback will be requested from the coachee, the superior or the client/sponsor.

Coaching with Linda allowed me to get the crux of the issue and see the more significant problem. It provided the support I needed and became the impetus for taking action. I also learned tools for communicating through complex employee issues, which was very helpful."

Director of Operations  // National Non-Profit Org.

Tailored leadership coaching upon request

starter package

Get five hours of targeted support over a six-week time frame..

Suitable for clients who would like to test-drive the process before making a more significant commitment or clients who want to enlist support on an as-needed basis.

Coaching will take place via Zoom or telephone.

The Leader Within

The Leader Within is a holistic leadership development program. To summarize, we'll teach you the skills, strengthen the mind and co-create sustainable high performance through lifestyle change. 

During this 11 week intensive program we cover everything a leader needs to excel in a management role and be successful. We provide communication tools and leadership instruction to handle most employee issues with ease. We also teach mind-clearing techniques and lifestyle practices to provide a healthy vessel for the mind.

The training takes place through online learning, workshops, assignments and group coaching and participation. .

After getting promoted, I hired Linda to help me improve my communication skills. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to take a course, and I needed real-time guidance to help me with my writing.

As a result of working together, my manager noticed a significant improvement in my written work. My main priorities were writing business cases and professional-looking emails, letters and performance reviews. My boss likes the fact that he no longer has to edit what I send him.

I learned how to address a group of people among different levels of management. And how to facilitate meetings that engaged everyone in the room.

But one of the most incredible benefits for me was having a safe place to detail my issues, concerns and find solutions.  I learned so much from the experience and the support was invaluable!"

Regional Manager  // utility co.

Don't go it alone. Try coaching. Let your role be the honor it is!

The struggle is real, but suffering is optional. So let us help you find joy in becoming the leader within you! 

As a coach, Linda is really encouraging; when you have HR issues, you have confidentiality issues. It was so nice to have someone safe to talk with and sort things out. Linda had a way of wrapping everything up neatly at the end. Coaching was an excellent fit for our entire organization. It helped me out in so many ways." (Names withheld for confidentiality reasons.) 

regional director // international cancer foundation


I'm Linda Reddin

If you're fed up with unsatisfactory results and ready to make a real change, let's talk. Take the first step to create a better future.