SDI® Communication Skills 2.0 Workshops-

Learn the Art of Working with People

We assume that everyone thinks as we do!

Working with people is tricky. As humans, we err when we assume everyone thinks as we do. Yes, we all share our basic needs for survival, such as food, clothing, shelter, et cetera. But, once our everyday needs are covered, our motivations vary on what brings us self-esteem. Fortunately, the SDI communication skills workshop illuminates our differences and shows us how to work well with anyone we meet. 

Improve our ability to relate to other personalities.

First off, it's normal to assume that other people care about the same things as we do, but it's wrong. If you've ever received an adverse reaction to your good intentions, you know what I mean. Unfortunately, this also occurs when someone makes the same mistake when dealing with you. We need to bridge the gap of faulty assumptions!

Build Interpersonal Skills

The SDI communication skills workshops teach us how. We learn what matters most to you and why, and that of others. Acquire the skills that open doors and hearts wherever we go. Build relationships. Learn the art of working with people.

The Problem: Your one-size-fits-all approach will not suit everyone. It may repel people!

To get things done, we need people on our side. We need to know how to engage them in our mission and vision. 

The Solution: Learn different approaches for different people. Get the result you want!

So, once you know what matters to other people, you have tools to open hearts and doors everywhere.

Understanding People Begins with Knowing Yourself - SDI Portrait of Personal Strengths

Understanding others begins after we first dive deep into ourselves. The SDI Portrait of Personal Strengths Assessment is a short questionnaire that asks us to reflect on things that cause us to react under two conditions. 1. During good times. 2. When things are not going well. 

Taken with a Whole-Life Perspective

Most personality assessments focus on how you are at work. However, the SDI Portrait includes your personal, social and community life too. It takes only 20 questions to determine what causes your conflict. Once you know what your triggers are, you can learn to prevent conflict in the first place.

You Get a Tool-kit

Your assessment gives detailed information about what matters to you and the other six personality types. It offers suggestions on managing yourself and how to anticipate and prevent conflict with others. It's a helpful guide. 

Results are Meaningful and Memorable

The SDI theory of Relationship Awareness uses simple terms and is easy to learn. Our results don't just tell us how we are. It shows us how to manage our strengths for good and to avoid potential conflict in the future.

Immersive Learning: Listen. Try it out. See it work. 

Our workshops are an interactive group or team-based learning using real work-life scenarios. By using relevant situations as subject matter, the training serves a valuable purpose.

 The workshop is a safe space to try new approaches and get immediate feedback from others.  Using positive reinforcement, we keep fumbles light-hearted to make it fun. The practice sets the learning.

SDI® has a Proven History of 45+ years. We've been teaching it for 11 years!

Since 2009, A Strategic Edge Coaching has provided SDI Communication Skills Workshops for internal company teams and external community events.

Linda first attended an SDI workshop during the Executive Coaching program at Royal Roads University. For the first time, she felt equipped to work in a group with ease. Her testimony outlined below proved it!

How SDI® Relationship Building Tools Improve People Skills: A Case Study

Our assigned team was six people with different personality types. Over the next seven months, we had to take turns assuming responsibility for completing numerous assignments towards our large project worth 35% of our final grade.

The pressure to work well together was real. However, we had honed our people skills.

We had all done the SDI workshop. Because we knew how to talk to each other, we completed all of our assignments without conflict. Furthermore, we achieved an excellent end product.

It was the best experience I had working in a team. Sold on the program, I became a licensed facilitator shortly after that.

Main Benefits of SDI Workshops

 Once you know how to reach the hearts and minds of different people, life gets easier. Communication is your key to open any door, anywhere.

A Useful Reference Tool

Prepare for an upcoming meeting. Review the right approach for the other party.

Save Time/Avoid Conflict

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Practice preventing errors.

Builds Relationships

Build trust and loyalty with your employees, customers and substantial relationships.

Become Empowered

A deeper understanding of yourself and others enhances self-confidence and worth.

Expand Your Network

Make friends and allies with every interaction. Build a beneficial network with ease.

Improve Outcomes

A skilled communicator who works well with people gets more done & at higher levels.

SDI Communication Workshop Delivery Options 

Internal Company Team Workshop

Arrange an internal workshop at your convenience. Book a free consultation to find out how.

Small Business Community Workshop 

Join with other small business owners to learn communication essentials for business. See upcoming events in your city below.

Not sure which option is best for your needs? Read on to find out more!

Internal Workshops

The road to learning new skills begins with practice. Internal workshops are ideal for forging corporate brand behaviors and space to work on challenges.

When team members collaborate, engagement is vital. The results can be exponential.  

Strengthen Brand

Service that sells is a brand behavior. Workshops allow employees to learn and practice brand actions and behaviors.

Solve Problems

A safe space to collaborate and solve company or industry-specific issues. 

Team Bonding

Shared responsibility in the company's success is what makes teams gel and companies excel. 

The Communication Skills workshop was fun to learn with my colleagues. It was great to interact with people I hardly ever see, and I even got along with people I usually don't. It was fascinating, and I can use what I learned at home too. We should do more workshops like this!


External Workshops

External workshops are great for learning new skills and having willing participants for practice. 

Although participants start as strangers, they soon discover how similar they are. The sharing of stories holds a common theme to which everyone can relate.

Collaborating with people from various levels of experience and industries leads to sharing knowledge, bonding and expanding one's network. 

Build Your  Business or Personal Brand

How we present ourselves to the public and serve our customers is our brand. Workshops allow solopreneurs, partnerships and small workplaces to try out new approaches for immediate feedback. 

Solve Everyday Problems

Use a safe space to collaborate with people from other industries and discuss common issues related to business, workplace or people in general.


People connecting about common issues end up learning about another's business. In addition, good connections may lead to new referrals and an expanded network.

I loved the workshop! To start, I felt very welcome right away. Second, I have multiple tools to achieve success. Third, the content was excellent and hit great points. I learned too much even to mention! I am delighted with the course. There is nothing I would change. It was a wonderful experience. The synergy was a highlight for me."


Upcoming Workshop, SDI® Training - Kamloops, BC

How to Build Relationships & Get Results! 

Sat. Nov.4th, 2023

If success is about relationships, then the ability to connect well with anyone is vital. In this half-day workshop, attendees gain an in-depth understanding of what motivates different people, themselves and why.

Using business-related needs as subject matter, attendees learn how to refine their approach to improve outcomes.

Clients will learn new communication approaches for challenging business/work-related tasks, such as:

  • Cold-calling a busy prospect to win a meeting
  • How to have a difficult conversation with an employee or customer.
  • How to communicate to a group of people, verbally or through email.
  • How to build trust and customer loyalty

Attendees will gain awareness and capability to face everyday issues with more confidence and less stress!

About the facilitator


I'm  Linda Reddin

I know how critical people skills are for success in life. Once you understand relationship awareness, you can open any door anywhere. I am happy to share this knowledge with you. So join me in an upcoming workshop to get the keys you need to go where you need to be!

Do you want an SDI workshop at your workplace? 

"An investment in communication skills pays dividends the rest of your life!"  ~Warren Buffet

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