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We envision a society where people are passionate about what they do and, in making the world a better place to live.

Leaders have integrity, give consideration to sustainability and growth; visionaries who pursue personal excellence and inspire others to achieve collective greatness.

We believe that coaching is the preferred method for acquiring true change; and balance compassion with reality to help you get there.

What Our Customers Say

Mark B.

Principal, Wealth Management Company

"Linda comes from a calm position of confidence that is appreciated. Her integrity allows you to become completely honest with her. Linda has been part of great change in my life."

Martha M.

Regional Director, International Cancer Foundation

"As a coach, Linda is really encouraging; when you have HR issues you have confidentiality issues. It was so nice to have someone safe to talk with and sort things out. Linda had a way of wrapping everything up neatly at the end. Coaching was an excellent fit for our entire organization, it helped me out in so many ways."

Kurt N.

General Manager, Manufacturing Company

"The coaching from Linda reduced the stress I was under. It was supportive and I learned a lot. I am a lot clearer about what my role is, what the owners expect of me, and what I need to do."

Lori H.

Family Services, Social Worker

"Linda leads with heart and respect in her coaching exchanges. She brings years of experience and knowledge as a leader in the banking industry. Along with heart, warmth and intuition she demonstrates the critical thinking and logical steps required to resolve any problems. She is a dedicated and committed team player who I have had the pleasure of working with. Linda would be an asset to anyone wanting to work with her in her role as an Executive Coach."

Wade B.

Operations Manager, Telecom Co.

"Coaching helped. I re-learned patience with people; dealing with behavior and not taking things personally; listening and cooperating with others to create interactive solutions. Linda, you are very good at what you do."

Kristian D.

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

"It wasn’t long ago that I struggled to make ends meet. I got laid off from my job and I knew I wasn’t going to go work for another company but only for myself. I met Linda Reddin and through our discussion I realized I needed a Life Coach in order to help me to be more successful in life.

I really connected with Linda on a few items such as home-based business and being self-employed.We talked about coaching and I made a decision to partner with Linda to learn new business tactics. Our ideas really helped me propel my online business even further."

Mark P.

Director of Operations, National Non-Profit

Coaching allowed me to get the crux of the issue, clarity in seeing the bigger issue. It provided the support I needed and became the impetus for taking action. I also learned tools for communicating through difficult employee issues which was very helpful."

Our Journey

Since 2009,  Linda Reddin, founder of ASEC, has been providing leadership development and communication skills training to managers, leaders and business owners through one-on-one coaching services and team based workshops.

Over the years Linda learned that reliable results came from building a solid leadership foundation from the ground up; thus, Leadership Foundations Program was born. 

For people who wanted to become better communicators, the Relationship Builder Course emerged as a standalone from the Leadership Foundations Program.

Meet our Founder, Linda Reddin

"A good leader cannot make an organization successful on their own, but a bad one can take the whole thing down."  Author Unknown

It can be lonely at the top! Competing priorities and being in the thick of things can prevent you from seeing the big picture and making bad decisions. My job is to help you find clarity and build your Leadership Foundation from the ground up. You'll learn new habits to help you see clearly, work smarter, use effective words and different approaches in order to get the outcomes you need to be successful. 

Linda brings to clients 16+ years in a progressive banking career with extensive education and experience in financial services.  She held various leadership positions which focused on delivering exemplary sales and service and includes implementing a new sales and service platform for a branch which exceeded all expectations in areas of growth, customer satisfaction, market share, and operational efficiency.

Linda's focus and dedication not only rewarded excellent results, but uncovered an innate ability to develop "performance excellence" in people and creating an "organizationally effective workplace". It was during her position as Branch Manager that Linda discovered the strategic and supportive power of coaching in a profound and meaningful way. From then on, coaching became her passion and calling.

New Developments

Over the years, we've noticed that there is a need to provide effectiveness training on a broader scale and in greater depth. Coming in the spring 2021 is the launch our online training program; whereby, you set your own pace and place to learn from. 

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