Why should you hire a Business Coach?

The Life of a Business Owner

Maintaining a successful business is a complex endeavor. A going concern requires frequent analyzing, planning and doing what has to be done. Often, there's a sense of urgency.

On top of that, one must be tuned in to movements within your market. This calls for constant monitoring. Not to mention, making time to envision and reflect by its owner.

Bottom line: as an owner, the need clarity and focus is paramount. Without adequate support, it's a tall order.

The long-term success of a business stops and ends with its leadership. A business coach can step into the background and be the sounding board that every busy owner needs.

To Stay Agile You Must Be Open-Minded

The more a company grows, the greater the need to keep up with the ongoing and competing demands for your time.

Often, the skills which got you here may not be enough to take you to where you want to go or need to achieve.

That's where a Strategic Business Mentor & Coach comes in, an Executive Coach.

As a Business Grows, so do the Needs!

Most small business owners work long days already. Thus, the idea of taking time for personal development, reflection and strategic planning, at first glance seems ridiculous. That is, until you find out what you gain instead!

A Coach brings Clarity, Support & Creates Empowerment.

Increasing business demands require greater personal effectiveness and good decision-making skills. Self-management is crucial. Being effective requires a deep understanding of what motivates people. Learn how to communicate to build trust and loyalty. Inspire your employees to follow your lead and do what you need. 

When is it time to hire a Business Coach?

If you are new to a role, launching a new venture, or wanting more significant results. These are all a good time to invest in yourself, your business and make it happen.

During trying times, having an experienced coach and business mentor from ASEC can be very beneficial.

Owners who spend time in reflection benefit from big sky thinking, envisioning and tactical planning. Doing so with a coach is time and money well invested if you're serious about success.

Our Difference: Mind Coach with a Wealth of Business Experience

We have extensive experience managing and growing fast-paced operations within highly competitive industries. We know what it takes and can help you develop the skills to succeed.

  •  As a trained mind coach, we improve how you think, observe and work. Increase Personal Effectiveness.
  • Our experience can save you time trying to figure it out on your own. Get Quicker Turnaround.
  •  When you hire someone to help you, your level of commitment increases. Accountability Partner. 
  •  You are safe to discuss new ideas without compromising competitive stance. Confidentiality Assured.
  •  Consulting is a business expense. Temporary help keeps your equity intact. It's a Smart Investment.  

A great thing I took from coaching with Linda was how to think clearly and manage my priorities better. What worked well for me was having one notebook to record my ideas, the events of my day, meeting agenda, follow up notes and my to-do list. This simple solution helped me stay organized and on task. I felt more ease."

president -daycare center

A Strategic Partner for Hire

A partnership with ASEC varies according to client needs.  Scope of work is grouped into two categories.


Business Coach

Not long ago that I struggled to make ends meet. I got laid off from my job and I knew I wouldn't work for another company, only for myself. I met Linda Reddin, and through our discussion I realized I needed a Life Coach to help me be more successful in life.

I connected with Linda on running a home-based business and being self-employed. We talked about Coaching, and I decided to partner with Linda to learn new business tactics. Our ideas helped me propel my online business even further."

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Is it time to hire a Business Coach?

If you're tired of spinning wheels and want some real change, let's talk!

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