Communication is Everything!

You may have heard this before, and it's true. Communication is key to everything. It's the most important skill you'll ever need.

If you want to get anything big done in life, you need the support of other people. It's the way things are done. This never changes!

The reason is, we're human. We buy from people we trust. We follow people we admire. And when the relationship is strong, we'll go above and beyond to help out our family, friends and colleagues. The fact is, we need people. We need each other.

It's for this reason that communication is sometimes referred to as "People Skills." Without good people skills, life is hard.

The good news: human skills can be learned. Once you learn the basics of interpersonal communication, you can avoid most conflict. On top of that, you'll make more friends and form bonds with people who can help you "do what needs to get done!" 

Be the Person That People Have Time For!

Use communication to your benefit. Build lasting relationships.

Be selective in what you say and how you say it. Every time.

Be proactive. Don't let problems arise. Think and plan first. Then respond well. 

   Be seen as someone who is open to new opportunities. Learn how to be in the circle of influence. Tune in to industry chatter and economic changes.

Build beneficial relationships with strategic partners. Increase your influence within your organization and community. Instill trust and loyalty.

Scale your reach of goal achievement. Appeal to all of your contacts for their support. At the same time, be first in line to lend a hand when needed.

Communication Tools

Communication begins with our thoughts. Learn how to discern what real and what to let go. Discover tools that reduce workplace friction and allow you to get your important work done!

Simple and easy.

Course Pre-Launch: Communication Skills for Managers!

Acquire the tools to navigate the complexity of communicating under pressure.

This course is based on my experience (and experts) that you can access online.

We'll cover sticky situations that all new managers need to know.

You'll learn how give useful feedback, how to coach employees or even your boss.

Receive tips on how to facilitate a good meeting, how to send out a perfect email, and much more!

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About the author

Linda Reddin has been in sales and service all her life. Through experience she developed different approaches for different types of people. The goal was to find out and satisfy the customer's needs. And provide the best possible service. It worked very well for her. So much, that her career in banking took off. 

In her first post as Branch Manager, Linda developed her employees to do the same. The branch tripled asset growth within the first full year. Subsequently, she ended up training many employees that promoted to other branches. This meant more coaching, more training for new staff. It was evident that Linda had developed a good skill for training people. This experience contributed greatly to what she does today

Formal training came later. Linda graduated as a Certified Executive Coach in 2009. It was at Royal Roads University that Linda was exposed to the best communications workshop in her life. Once she completed the coaching program, she became a licensed facilitator for SDI Communication Skills Training & Assessments.  

Linda believes this communication course is what all new managers should have. She is proud to share this training with as many people as possible. Introduced at a low price, makes it accessible for almost anyone.

Leadership is an honor given to few. Get the tools you need to do the job well, and reduce unneeded stress. Keep learning. Be the best that you can be. Unleash your potential & release the leader within You!

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