Leadership is About Getting Results Through People.

Leadership is a crucial skill for success in life. It is the art of motivating others to achieve their shared goals. While it may seem that only a select few are born with this ability, the truth is that leadership is a skill that can be cultivated and honed.

Why should we care about Leadership?

leadership in action

We do business with people we trust, so it's paramount to be able to make friends with everyone you meet.

Be the person that you want your people to be. The best part? It's a gift you give yourself.

Find more joy in doing what you love when you know how!

We do business with people we trust. 

Be the Person That Everyone Wants to Know!

Working harder is not the answer. Instead, know and act by strategy.

Use every opportunity to build relationships. Create value just by meeting you.

Develop your people skills. It is an essential skill for success in life.

Overall, hone the skills that open doors, build friendships and influence those around you!

Expand Opportunities

Develop exceptional communication skills that open doors to opportunities and strategic alliances. Learn to talk to strangers and get the information you need to find.

Build Relationships

Build relationships with everyone you meet & need to know. Learn how to reach the influencers within your organization or community within the corporate hierarchy and structure confines.

Advance Your Career

Find out how to translate opportunities into recognition for your work, showcase your leadership capability and be seen as a trusted team member. Then, let them know who to promote next. 

Leadership Competency Behaviors

  1. 1
    Influence: Know how to inspire employees and influence upper management. 
  2. 2
    Trust: Make people feel heard and validated. 
  3. 3
    Build Relationships: Seize opportunities to thank your customers, suppliers and your allies. 
  4. 4
    Self-Management: Plan; then work the plan. Respond to issues, never react.
  5. 5
    Role Model: Be the person that you want your people to be. 

Leadership Articles

Strategic planning, reflecting, calibrating, building relationships and maximizing your efforts.

Simple and easy.

The Rules of Work - Course for Managers. A great place to begin!

Learn the rules of the game before you jump on the pitch and get trampled. Learn how to play to win!

This course is based on my experience (and many others) that you can access online.

We'll cover the fundamentals of managing office politics, decoding company culture, building personal power and raising your profile at work. Sign up on the wait list and get a free trial as soon as it's available.

About the author

Linda Reddin was a Manager that learned about leadership through the school of hard work, knocks and glory. Formal training followed at Royal Roads University where Linda graduated as a Certified Executive Coach in 2009. Her experience as a Bank Manager for seven years, and a leadership coach for the last fifteen, Linda provides relevant, practical training that she knows all new managers should have.

Linda is proud to share this training with as many people as possible. This free course is her way of helping those who need a good place to begin. More is available for those who want to create their best life yet! 

Linda believes that life is for living, not playing it safe. Play it smart - yes!  Play it to win - or at least have fun doing what you do best! Leadership is an honor given to few. Make the most of your life and the role you've been given. Be the best that you can be. Unleash your potential and release the leader within You!

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