A Healthy Body = Healthy Mind.

The Mind-Body Health Connection

The mind and body are so interconnected that the state of one affects the other. So it's right to presume that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. There are numerous studies and reputable articles that speak to it. But you don't need science to prove it- we know it from experience!

As a leader or business owner, you are the brains of the operation. When the brain is tired and foggy, decisions become less reliable and more reactive. Mistakes are made. This is not what we want or need!

Our business needs us, our people rely on us. We make the decisions and show them how it's done.

A healthy mind and body help us be at our best. We can no longer ignore its importance. 

The mind/body connection is strong. So, let's create a lifestyle that supports you, and achieve your goals!

Self-Care: Nourish Your Body, Mind & Spirit


Applications that improve clarity, intellect and discernment for good decision-making. 


Giving our body what it needs to function well. How the input relates to the output.

Energetic Body

Inner work stabilizes emotional energy and brings it back to balance or a sense of peace.

Learn lifestyle techniques to help bring clarity and calm to the body and mind.

About the author

Linda Reddin knows the importance of mind and body wellness after nearing burnout several times in her careers. In her journey back to health, Linda led an extensive search. She read too many books to list, took courses, tried various programs and diets. She made lifestyle changes. And eventually found balance. 

In 2014, while looking for a new exercise program, Linda answered a call to yoga. It didn't take long to realize that yoga was so much more. Yoga was especially good for the mind and state of being. So much so, that after practicing 5-6 days a week for three years she became a Yoga Instructor in 2016.

Linda is proud to share her knowledge with as many people as possible and teaches when and wherever she can. Chair Yoga via Zoom was her way of helping those who need yoga, ease into a new practice.

Linda believes that life is to be lived fully. Work hard, love deeply, and have fun in whatever you do. Life is a gift and an honor to behold. Make the most of what you have with the time you have. Serve with joy!

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